Server Rules

Please read through the following set of GUIDELINES that must be met as a member of one of the biggest discord communities at the University of Windsor:

The Pledge as an Engineering Student

THE PLEDGE ‎ As a member of the University of Windsor Engineering Community students and staff pledge to uphold the ideals and expectations of the Association of PEO ‎


  • Behave in a manner that demonstrates commitment to Academic Integrity and devotion “to high ideals of Personal Honour and Professional Integrity”.

  • Treat fellow students, staff, and faculty members with Fairness and Loyalty, respecting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity.

  • Resist and Report any behaviour that may conflict with this oath. ‎

This pledge provides a strong foundation in the pursuit of all our professional and personal goals. The upholding of these ideals by the Faulty of Engineering community will result in a positive impact on our community.

Server Rules

In addition, there are certain standards that all university students must uphold. These rules must be followed within the server.

1- The Golden Rule

Be nice and stay civil. We will not tolerate hate or bigotry of any kind on the server. In addition, @admin, and @Moderator can BAN you at their own discretion. We will not hesitate in getting rid of people who continuously detract from and disturb our community.

2- Spamming

Use appropriate channels when sending messages and do not spam. This includes (but is not limited to) emojis, pictures, and gifs.

3- NSFW Content

Do not post NSFW content anywhere on the server, this includes (but is not limited to) excessively violent content, obscene language, nudity, and graphic material.

4- Anonymity

Members MUST use their full name on this server. This helps keep everyone inline and helps them follow the guidelines. If you have a problem with how your name appears, head on over to the #feedback channel to report.

5- General Community Rules

- Do not trade pirated materials.

- Do not use this server to cheat. Standard academic honesty code is enforced.

- Do not ever use @everyone. This causes huge disruption to everyone on the server.

6- Server Boosting

Anyone on our server can boost! Whether you are already a nitro subscriber or not, you could always boost the server and help the server improve! Server Boosters get a special role as well as a badge assigned to them.

7- Marketplace Transactions and Promotions

Do not post classified advertisements to buy/sell things. Things like club events and news are allowed to be posted as long as you are one of the partner organizations within the server. General UWindsor events can be posted by anyone and does not require special permission.

VIOLATIONS against the rules that are listed above will initially be met with WARNINGS, and actions will be taken against REPEATED VIOLATORS.

By choosing to be a member within the UWindsor Engineering Discord Server, you agree to follow the rules stated above.