Welcome to the Original

UWindsor Engineering

Discord Server

The main virtual community for all engineering students at the University of Windsor

This server is the perfect place for engineering students from all disciplines at the University of Windsor to chat with one another, make voice and video calls, host study sessions, and share informative and entertaining content with one another

Whether you need help on your courses, want to talk to your fellow engineering peers, get useful information on upcoming events or opportunities at the University of Windsor, or just have a place to post your memes, our server makes it super easy for you!

It is recommended that you verify yourself first before clicking any server invites so that you wouldn't have to be verified manually.

General Channels for Everybody in the Server


General chat for everything and everyone. Try not to send memes to this channel.


Meme your heart out! If you want a meme whenever you feel like it, type !meme and a dank meme will magically appear.


Chatter related to games and anime of all types and genres.


You are invited to post local/ global headlines, and much more if it is relevant and appropriate.


Announcements related to careers and coops only. Inform your community whenever you get some updates!


Share links to your favorite tunes. Rythm Bot commands will not work here.


Spam your heart out with the server's original robot Pluto! Rythm Bot commands will only work on this channel! For Rythm [;] is the prefix, and for Pluto [!] is the prefix. You can also discover different features of the Pluto Bot by !help

ProTip: It is best to mute this channel because spamming happens 24/7.

< Music Lounge:

Play your favourite music through this voice channel. This is the place to vibe with your friends :)

< Game Streaming:

Stream gameplay here in 1080p 60fps and have your friends join in!

< Study Room:

This is a multipurpose room designed for people to use to study together as a group before an exam.

Relevant Course Categories for all Engineering Students

Each and every one of these categories within the server are filled with course text channels for every course respective to it:

  • Eng Year 1 [contains all of the courses that are taken in first year]

  • Mathematics [MATH]

  • General Engineering [GENG]

  • Environmental Engineering [ENVE]

  • Civil Engineering [CIVL]

  • Electrical Engineering [ELEC]

  • Mechanical Engineering [MECH]

  • Mech-Aerospace

  • Mech-Automotive

  • Mech-Materials

  • Industrial Engineering [INDE]

  • Other Courses [Multitude of other course codes]